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Enhance your cutting performance, improve your productivity and product, elevate your cutting results.

Since 1886, Cal Saw’s promise to customers has been to research, develop and deliver the most advanced technology for a range of cutting needs. Through four generations of family stewardship and now the transfer of this legacy business to the ownership of Dan Lines, we’ve remained firmly rooted in the science and engineering of saws, knives, wood machining and food processing in order to keep that promise and help your business succeed.

  • We were an early proponent of academic research and professional testing of steel characteristics and blade behavior.
  • The special heat treatment and fabrication processes we designed are the key to more accurate cutting, longer lasting blades and knives and higher grade products.
  • A source of great pride, our staff offers unsurpassed expertise in mechanical engineering, metallurgy and the practical application of cutting tools under a variety of circumstances.
  • We produce the finest custom-made food processing blades and knives in the industry. Whether your needs require fruit processing, vegetable and nut chopping, or meat cutting and slicing, we'll make sure to find a custom solution that meets your needs.
  • This strong technology foundation and commitment to forward thinking have equipped us to meet our customers’ demands for new products and services for more than 120 years.
  • At Cal Saw, we make the world’s thinnest saws for cutting wood. We also turn out saws with an unmatched combination of throughput and cutting accuracy.

Whether launching our custom stainless steel knives for the food processing industry in the 1920s, thin saws for secondary manufacturers in the 1960s or our renowned stainless steel circular saws for sawmills in the 1990s, we’ve always believed in the power of technology and human intelligence to help those who cut, cut better.

No matter what your focus—whether you’re a filer seeking lower maintenance blades, a QC specialist with tough product quality goals to meet or a corporate executive aiming for the right mix of value and results—rest assured, we remain committed to your success. We’ll continue to custom design and manufacture advanced cutting solutions that turn your particular challenges into business- and revenue-building results.

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About Cal Saw

Many of you have shared details of your cutting experiences with and without Cal Saw blades and knives. Your feedback has played a role in the superior products and valuable services we’ve made available to customers across the world. Thank you for allowing us to provide you with tools that get the job done.

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