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May 3, 2016
San Francisco, California; Sutherlin, Oregon

California Saw & Knife Works is pleased to announce a new and deepened collaboration with Dan Lines and Roseburg Saw & Tool Company. On April 30, 2016, Cal Saw’s San Francisco manufacturing operations were purchased by California Saw & Knife Works, LLC, a new Oregon-based company under the ownership of Dan Lines.

Cal Saw and Roseburg Saw & Tool are both family-owned companies which have a historical commitment to design, quality, and customer service and support. With the new Cal Saw LLC in Oregon under Dan’s leadership, and with the continued collaboration and involvement of Warren Bird and the Bird family, these traditions will be enhanced and will carry Cal Saw’s specialty saws for wood products and knives for food processing and other applications well into the future.

Cal Saw will be moving to a spacious remodeled facility in Sutherlin, Oregon over the course of the next few months, and we are working diligently to assure a smooth transition for our customers. Roseburg Saw & Tool Company will also relocate to the new Sutherlin facility.

Cal Saw’s operations under its new ownership will incorporate and expand on Cal Saw’s 130 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of thin circular saws and specialized machine knives. Combined with Roseburg Saw & Tool, Cal Saw’s design and manufacturing capability, its commitment to assessing its customers’ processes and improving them, and its follow up of the results, will be continued and enhanced. Roseburg Saw & Tool will finish circular saws as it has been doing for Cal Saw customers – in addition to building Roseburg Saw & Tool’s other product lines.

Warren will continue to serve Cal Saw’s customers, bringing to them his years of experience in saw and knife design. Dan and his staff have extensive experience in sawfiling, in making sawfilers’ tools, in finishing circular saws, and in manufacturing and servicing brazed tooling for both solid and laminated wood products; this expertise is combined with a commitment and dedication, like Cal Saw’s, to improving the reliability of customers’ processes and providing them with quality products. This new phase for Cal Saw promises a strong future for both Cal Saw and for its customers.

For Cal Saw Customers
For quotes, orders, and questions, contact or You may continue to reach Cal Saw at 415-861-0644, or Warren or Dan on their cell phones. The current San Francisco mailing address may be used through May 2016. The mailing address of California Saw & Knife Works, LLC, is PO Box 165, Winchester, OR 97495.

"Remit To" Information:
Remit payment for all invoices dated April 29, 2016 or earlier to California Saw & Knife Works, 721 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, or to the Wire Transfer or EFT or ACH transfer address you currently have on file for Cal Saw. Advices can be sent to or

Remit all invoices dated May 1, 2016 or later to California Saw & Knife Works LLC, PO Box 165, Winchester, OR 97495. Should you wish to pay these invoices by WT or ACH or EFT, please contact for the updated banking information.

For Cal Saw’s Suppliers, Subcontractors, and Vendors:
During a transition period in May and June 2016, California Saw & Knife Works, the California Corporation, will continue its manufacturing operations in San Francisco under its current management and under its new name of Sawbirds, Inc., on behalf of California Saw & Knife Works, LLC, (an Oregon limited liability company), which has purchased the business of the California corporation.

Only the name of the California corporation is changing (to Sawbirds, Inc.); its principals, its address, EIN, and W-9 information remain the same. Invoices for products ordered by Cal Saw San Francisco (or by Sawbirds, Inc.) for items shipped to 721 Brannan Street after April 30, 2016, should be addressed to Sawbirds, Inc.

As operations are relocated to California Saw & Knife Works, LLC in Sutherlin, Oregon, Dan Lines and his staff will contact you as necessary regarding a continuing supply relationship with you, or you may contact them at or 415-861-0644. The mailing address is PO Box 165, Winchester, OR 97495.

San Francisco, CA


Cal Saw is pleased to announce what may be the most important advance in sawing accuracy since the development of the spline arbor saw. This new saw plate design (patent pending) IMPROVES SAW PERFORMANCE by reducing grade loss, by allowing the reduction of target size, or by reducing unscheduled saw changes. It reduces wedging in single arbor machines, and reduces offset in double arbor gangs. Its main purpose is not to reduce kerf, although kerf reduction can be integrated into the design.

It is a variable-thickness saw which places the thickness change beyond the base of the gullet. Using your production requirements, we calculate the two thicknesses – the central part of the saw, and the thinner rim - using our patent-pending design parameters, to make saws which produce a significant improvement in your sawing process.

You can upgrade the saws in your mill to Cal Saw’s new design for any gang edger or primary breakdown unit which uses guided, spline arbor saws. And the results of a full year of tests in sawmilling production environments with this new saw are in.

Are the improvements measurable? YES. Are the results from a change to this design easy to analyze, easy to understand, and unambiguous? YES. Ask us to make saws for you of this design and then measure the results.

In depths of cut of 6 inches or more, the gains these saws offer are significantly greater than what can be achieved through kerf reduction alone. We can direct you to mills which have bought the saws, done the tests, run the numbers, and seen the results.

Contact Cal Saw and put our technology and know-how to work to improve your mill’s sawing performance. We can tell you what reduction in offset or wedging to expect, we can provide you with examples of the improved results that other sawmills have already realized by putting it into use, and we will make you some very good saws.


California Saw and Knife Works is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and selling top-quality circular saws and saw blanks as well as knives and wear parts used primarily in food processing applications. Our engineers look forward to determining your needs and making the saws and knives you need to elevate the quality of your product and to enhance the reliability and profitability of your process.

Cal Saw makes conventional circular saws from alloy steel as well as specialty saws which find a strong following in the wood industry: stainless steel saws and variable-thickness (thin rim) circular saws.

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