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Nut Processing Blades

Cal Saw is the leading manufacturer of nut processing blades

Since 1886 Cal Saw has been delivering the highest quality nut processing blades and other products to its customers. Through pain-staking research and development, we deliver the most advanced technology for a range of cutting needs. We are an industrial knife manufacturer whose business spans four family generations. Along the way we've been rooted in the science and engineering behind the production of the finest saws, knives, and nut processing blades.

nut processing blades Does your business require high quality nut processing blades or other custom blades for slicing, processing, chopping, filleting, or other types of food processing? Let Cal Saw help your business succeed by enhancing your cutting performance, improving your productivity and the quality of your product, and elevating your cutting results! Our nut processing blades are the manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, and have been successfully serving our customers since we manufactured our first stainless steel knives for the food processing industry in the 1920s.

Our custom-designed and manufactured knives span all major food types and processing applications, including nut processing blades. We have an experienced design and manufacturing team to work with you to produce a better product. We will collaborate with your staff to produce perfectly designed knives or nut processing blades to fit your particular business and application. You can expect consistent cutting accuracy for all your intended applications.

Our process includes specialized heat treatment that creates blades resistant to wear and bending. We offer unique coating technologies to suit your individual needs as well as special materials such as martensitic and precipitation hardening steels, carbon and alloy steels, tool steels, and cobalt and nickel-based super alloys. You can rest assured that our team will design the ideal nut processing blades for your business.

In the market for custom-designed nut processing blades? Why not contact us to learn more about what Cal Saw can do for your business. Whether it be meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, or nuts... we can help you cut, slice, or chop better now and for years to come.